Snack Break Dispatches: The Yogurt Diaries

Guys. Serious discussion time. I have some questions about yogurt.

We Need To Talk About Yogurt, starring Academy Award-Winner Tilda Swinton.

What is up with this stuff? Does anyone actually like yogurt? CRAVE it. I mean sure it tastes nice and it stops hunger and you can feel good about eating it because it is low fat and works miracles in your intestines and ladyparts  but are there any living people who are like, excited to eat yogurt?

"God I could KILL for some fruit-on-the-bottom right about now."

"It's yogurt day in the school cafeteria!"

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is yogurt!


No one

Blergh, this stuff's the worst. I eat it every flipping day, under the pretense of healthy living. It may be helping me improve my rockin bod but it also seems to be driving me into a wildly unhinged mental state.

So seriously: does anyone out there really, really, really love yogurt?