One Awkward Brunch

So imagine you're at a super poshy restaurant, having brunch, sipping mimosas like Carrie B, and your eggs Benedict comes out burnt. You tell your waiter, right? What if someone spills water on the table? Tell the waiter. What if someone clogs the toilet? ...Tell the waiter? I mean, you need to let someone know, right? It's only polite. But what it wasn't your fault? You don't want him thinking he who smelt it dealt it.  And do you really need to be discussing toilet issues with the man serving you bagels and lox? Just no.

Anyway, this predicament presented itself to a friend of mine today. She took the mature route and alerted our waiter to the potty-blockage issue. All seemed under control until he stopped by our table to refill our drinks and ask "so, were you able to use the toilets? Did everything go OK in there?"

Ugh. TMI.