Another Awkward Week [5.10.13]

Fridaaaay. What up. Guys, I must confess, I seriously fell down on the job this week. Both my fake job documenting my awkward life and my real job publicizing fine literature. It was not my finest week. I made a poor judgement call at work and it created a bit of a shitstorm. It's fixable and on the grand scheme of life, barely a blip - I mean, it's books, not like, a human life or anything, but it created extra work and stress for a lot of my colleagues and had me beating myself up. I hate making mistakes, hate causing tension, hate having other people have to scramble after me. Fortunately my bosses were kind and supportive, and I think we ironed out my hot mess but still: UGHHHHHHHHHHH.

Throughout this, people kept reassuring me "It's a learning moment! You'll never make this mistake again!" Which, true. But, blergh. If I wanted to learn, I'd buy a friggin' encyclopedia. I hate that all of life's best lessons are hidden in disasters and errors and heartbreaks and black holes. Why can't we learn and achieve greatness by always just being happy and awesome and never ever messing up?

Real life is the worst.

Anyhoodle, I think it's mostly over and I'm now a brilliant genius full of knowledge and publicist perfection forever and ever the end. But somehow in the midst of all that madness, I realized I'd forgotten to savor the hilarious, delightful moments. I got nothin'!

Forgive me? See you back here next week? Will a picture of Jonn Hamm with a puppy make it better?



What about a photo of a chubby baby with glasses napping on a pile of books?

baby nerd


Or a link to several spring sangria recipes?


Hot men and babies and booze make everything better, no?

And how was your week? Cause any disasters? Learn any vital life lessons?Let's kvetch.

Can gentiles use that word? Let's just go with it. Bring on the weekend! Happy Mothers' Day to all you mamacitas out there.

xoxo Liz Ho