One Awkward Failed Attempt at Mastering the Interwebs

Ugh, you know what's the MOST awkward? When you get all braggy about your hilarious blog and then never, EVER update it and no one reads it and you fail at the internet which, these days, is basically just failing at life. Don't let this stop you from checking back on the daily because I have a whole BUNCH of great posts including my first OK Cupid Date (!!), hilarious failed attempts at getting additional OK Cupid Dates (hint: dinosaurs are involved), grocery shopping awkwardness, umbrella awkwardness, elevator awkwardness, botched sex-change awkwardness (that's half the reason I've been so MIA) and a 350-word essay comparing "War and Peace" to last night's episode of "Gossip Girl."

Stay tuned!


Awkward Girl