Some Awkward (Hypothetical!) Questions

Some quick totally hypothetical questions: 1. If you are looking at a person's profile on The Facebook, sayyyy maybe a girl you went to HS with but haven't spoken to in like 8 years and accidentally "Like" one of her posts (let's say it is a video about Michael Vick, who you DO love but wouldn't necessarily give the 'ol FB thumbs up) and then very quickly "unlike" the post, will the person know you did that or will your creeper activities just disappear into the abyss?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being Kate Middleton and 10 being Pigpen from Peanuts, how gross is it to sleep in a t-shirt for a few days and then wear said t-shirt to the office? Does it make it less gross if it is kind of cute and fitted, not like a giant thing you got free at the college job fair?

3. How much Vitamin C is too much Vitamin C?

4. How long do you think it would take for this kid's parents to notice if he suddenly went missing, Elizabeth Smart style? (Except not taken by a horrible cult leader but a beautiful, loving blogger?)


5. How soon is too soon to make Elizabeth Smart jokes?