One Awkward Interactive Funtime Awesome Poll

LOL you guys. Remember that one time I pretended to be a blogger? Classic Liz. UGH. I have lost my creative spark. I'm blaming summer. It is far too hot to be funny. I'm taking the rest of the summer off. From life. I'm just going to lie here, on my couch, in my underpants and eat pudding. This is totally different than what I do all other times of the year because I just recently re-discovered how delicious pudding is.

ANYWAY what in the Sam French is going on here. Right. Summer time. Hot. Pudding. Underpants. I think I need some adderal.

Ok. I think I get it. No man is an island. This is my cry for help. I need your assistance getting back in the swing of things. I now will make a list of potentially awkward moments/interactions and then you will vote, in the comments I guess, I don't know how it will work, and then sometime in the next one to 94 days I will write a side-splitting piece about the winning topic.

OMG so very much fun. So! Here we go:

  • elevators
  • when you're someone who hates animals and then your friend's pet dies and you have to demonstrate empathy for their loss while all the time thinking about how stupid pets are.
  • Balls *
  • Elevators
  • Umbrellas
  • Walking really fast and running people over.
  • Professional e-mails.
  • Cats
  • Picture frames
  • Now you're just saying words, Liz. Land the plane.
  • Other.

OK! Funtimes. The voting ends whenever I decide it ends. Leave it after the jump (my favorite saying) (it means vote in the comments) and get excited for the HILARITY that will ensue.

Back and much worse than ever,


* JK, this is a family blog, but spend some time thinking about them tonight. By them I mean balls. Like, man balls. Not sports balls.  Testicles. Cajones. You know what I'm saying. That's something awkward.