Another Awkward Week [1.4.13]

What the what?! It's Friday already? As much as I'm sure I could get used to this 3 day work week scene, this week in particular has really thrown me off. What day is it? What year is it? Where am I? In addition to the calendar changes and vacation catchup, I've been doing this ridiculous medical treatment for my sinus allergies that basically involves chugging Tylenol with codeine all day long. I have been high as a kite for three days ...and not in a fun way. Breathing through my nose better be worth these shenanigans. Let's see what was keeping it awkward this first week of 2013:

This Poinsettia:

poinsettia dead

This is what I found when I returned to Brooklyn after Christmas...Holidays are over. No doubt about it!

RIP, pal. 

This Sweet Tat:

tattooYou can't even tell it's fake!!

Because my friends and I are super cool, we rang in the new year with some sweet temporary tattoos...did you know those bad boys don't just wash off in the shower? I showed up for work on Wednesday morning with that colorful gem on my forearm. Professional!

It turns out they are easily removed using alcohol (rubbing, DO NOT waste your wine on this, people!) or nail polish remover, but I was too lazy to put in the effort, so this guy is just gradually flaking off my arm as we get deeper into the new year. It's a good look!

This Sign:


Spotted in my neighborhood, I can't explain why this made me laugh so hard. He just looks so ashamed!

And finally...

This Photo:

snmSLEEP-articleLargeA still image from the show I'm seeing tonight: Sleep No More! (credit NY Times)

This is a show I've been dying to see for months, it's all the rage in NYC and Brian got me tix for Christmas. What makes it awkward? Well, it's literally impossible to describe to people who haven't heard about it (say, my mom). You can read all about it here but basically it is a silent performance art piece that takes place in an old hotel in Chelsea, everyone wears masks, it's based on MacBeth and there's a big orgy at the end.

Sounds ...perverse, terrifying and over the top. My kinda cultcha! Should be especially interesting on top of this crazy codeine haze, yikes!

And there you have it. I thought this week's recap would be sort of dull, but considering it started drug-fueled and will end with me wearing a mask and witnessing an orgy, I'm actually coming out sounding pretty wild and crazy. I'm such a badass in 2013.

Happy Weekend to all and I'll see you next week!

xx Liz Ho