One Awkward Online Date - A message!

One of the most commented upon items on my online dating profile is a reference to Kurt Vonnegut (because I am an intellectual, you guys). Last evening I received a message from a gentleman saying "Kurt Vonnegut! I totally know him." And I think he meant like, know him, know him, like as friends, probably during the second World War. He was that old.

One step closer to my soul mate!

One Awkward Online Date - An Intro

Hello, readers. I'd like to introduce you to new and recurring segment to this here blog: One Awkward Online Date. Except it will actually (god-willing) be lots of awkward online dates, but I have to keep with the theme. So just go with it. Due to a variety of circumstances, including boredom, mild to moderate desperation and an intense need for some attention, I've decided to turn to the interwebs to git me a mans. Many people I know have had great success in this arena and I figure it can go one of two ways:

1.) A plethora of available men leave me so oversexed I can't walk for weeks, until I eventually come across 'The One' and settle down for a life of white-picket-fenced bliss.

2.) awkward blog material.

It's a win-win situation.

So, with the hopes of increasing both my love life and my blog life, I've decided to take on the challenge. I will test out a variety of online dating sites and report back with my ever-awkward findings.  So far I've been wading in the waters of OK Cupid, mainly because it is free. If I wanted to pay for love, I'd hire a gigolo. But, because this is a majorly important sociological experiment,  and you, my faithful readers are counting on me to be the best and most awkward I can be, I will eventually test out more sites. Even the expensive ones. It's all for you guys, really.

In the words of the ever-wise Tobias Funke: "Let the great experiment begin!"