Another Awkward Week [1.17.14]

Hey Skittles! (What? Why?) How was everybody's week? Mine felt interminable. 'Twas  my second full week back after my long holiday break and thank the gods of every religion that we have off Monday because I am just NOT having it with this whole five day workweek scenario. A fat no thank you to that. I just spilled water on my laptop, always great for electronics, and in trying to quickly dry it up, I somehow managed to make the page super tiny small and now my fingerpad keyboard mouse type thingey won't work and I don't know how to fix it. HALP! Maybe it will be stuck like this forever and I'll have to type wearing giant magnifying glasses. NOOOOOO!

Ok fixed it. What a tense moment that was! And we all went through it together. I don't know about you, but I feel like we've really been through Hell and back and have come through the other side, stronger and better for it.

Oh my god, I am seriously losing it. ANYWAY. Ok. So. Where were we? Oh yes! 2014. Here is a gratuitous photo of me & Brian on NYE + our photobomber friend Kamran because I think it's cute, even though Brian looks like a bit of a demon with this red-eye which I would totally fix if I knew how to use a computer.


3 Year Anniversary! Que Romantique!

SO!I knowww I said I'd be back to my regularly scheduled programming today but looking through my phone/brain, apparently NOTHING awkward has happened to me in the last three weeks! MAYBE I'm normal now! New Year, New You!!! 

Ok, I guess you could count the large chunk I took out of my index finger with a wine opener on Christmas Eve literally one second after uttering "don't worry, I know how to open a bottle of wine."

And then the exploding champagne bottle at my friend's during the Golden Globes.

Maybe I should also confess to eating, in January, SEVERAL cookies from a tin that my department had baked & sent out pre-Christmas as a gift only to have it be returned post New Years. LIKE YOU WOULDN''T.

Or crawling around our apartment on my hands and knees wearing an old t-shirt, no bra and, inexplicably, rain boots, attempting to sweep up the 450-897966 pine needles that rained off of our dead old tree when we finally took it down ... last night.

Oh, and of course, there was that incident where I flushed our apartment toilet (POST numero dos) and it overflowed all over the bathroom floor ...and we had company over (kill me literally immediately) and I ran out in to the living room where our guests were sitting with a plunger in one hand and 9000 paper towels in the other and very casually cool announced "soooo basically no one is allowed back in our bathroom until I say so don't ask any questions everything's fine GREAT BYE! and then ran away to deal with the disaster. I fixed it FYI. 

YES. Those are things that have happened but sadly for us all, have not been photographed. Maybe happily for all of us in the overflowing john situation. Perhaps not a new year, new me at all but just a new year, lazier me when it comes to photography. Better luck next week!

Maybe I just need a little the form of other people's misery! Help a sister out, friends. PLEASE tell me the funniest thing that's happened to you these last few weeks? Sharing is caring!