One Awkward Nude

Hi! How did you find this blog? Did you find me on facebook? Did I send you the link in a personal e-mail and then stand over your computer, watching you read, pointing out all of my favorite jokes that I wrote myself? Or did you stumble upon me by typing a word or phrase into your favorite search engine? Were you, perhaps, trying to view this young lady in the altogether?

WHAT is wrong with you?!!!, the fine host of your favorite weblog, has this tracker counter thinger that keeps track of the words and phrases people searched online that led them to this blog. In the yearish since I’ve been in operation, the #1 phrase on this list is not “awkward” or even “awkward year” or “people with restraining orders against Jon Hamm” but “Luna Lovegood Nude.”


Luna Lovegood, for all you nerds out there who don’t already have tix to the 12:06 AM showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Round Deux, is a very flighty, sort of ethereal, avant-garde little wizard who, by nature of her friendship with Harry Potter is, by all accounts, fictional. She is also, as evidenced by the photo above, a child.

Somehow, and I truly and honestly and litttrally can think of no good reason why, my blog has become a popular destination for pervmasters hoping to see this imaginary little lady naked. In addition to the phrase mentioned above, people have searched:“Luna Lovegood tits,” “Luna Lovegood + naked,” “Luna Lovegood trousers,” (that one’s a little classier, I guess?), “Luna Lovegood in the nud” (good spelling!) and“Fucking Luna Lovegood.” Yiiikes! I even have an international following, including at least one Hungarian creepster who searched both “Luna Lovegood meztelen” – which means naked – and “Luna Lovegood szex képek” –which I haven’t fully translated, for fear of what might show up on my work internet browser, but I’m pretty sure means sex tape. But this guy’s no match for my German reader(s), who have made “Luna Lovegood nackt” the fifth most popular search term. Heißen Sie willkommen zu meinem Blog!!!

I do realize that now by writing LUNA LOVEGOOD NUDE in this post 85 hundred times, I’m probably making my blog even more popular to these readers which I should be worried about but hey, all publicity is good publicity, right? (Right???) I’m just so sorry I can’t give them what they’re looking for. I guess they’ll have to settle for this:

Hummina HUMMINA!! Your move, Weasley!