One Awkward Cry for Attention

According to the highly scientific calculator which tracks how many people have viewed this blog (answer: not many), how many times (answer: again, not many) and how they came across the link (answer: I paid them to read it), it seems that this here blog has been accessed 7 times in the past two days via the blog tag "boobs." Since I'm desperate for more readers, I'm going to capitalize on this opportunity. Boobs are mostly awesome, especially mine, especially the left one of mine, but can sometimes be awkward. Like when they're lopsided (see previous sentence) or when you're cold at work and things get a little pokey, or when you're jogging in a red one-piece bathing suit to save a drowning child and they're like bouncing at your face and you can't even see the drowning child anymore, or when you're a stripper and your nipple tassel like, flies into the crowd and blinds someone, or maybe if you had an extra third boob (is that possible??) or at least a couple additional nipples.  

Anyway, boobs are both awesome and awkward and if you found this blog because of your interest in boobs, I welcome you and thank you for stopping by.