One Awkward Reason Not To Make Promises On Facebook

Dear all - I'm having some techincal difficulties and I'm really distraught about the state of Hollywood Romance this week (call me, Zefron! I love you!!) and I need to work on my lineup for the Fantasy Football playoffs so, please don't cry, there will be no blog tonight. Except for this paragraph which, classic Liz!, is just a bunch of words typed out into sentences filling up the page, so it looks like I blogged, since I told everyone on Facebook I was going to blog every day and no one likes a Facebook liar and I really, really, really want you all to love me, so I couldn't just take the night off, I have a reputtion to uphold, and I forget where this sentence is going so THE END.  Complainers are removed from the guest list for the Stripper Showcase so let's all just go to bed and rest easy knowing that I'll be back tomorrow, yaaaay! Stevie Wonders for everyone!  

PS: If you any of you are NFL tight ends (LOL tight ends) who might be interested in playing for the HoBags this weekend please e-mail me ASAP. We're all going out for pizza after the game!!!!