New Year, Same Everything

2013 is 16 days old and I suppose big changes are ahead but, for now, this new year’s lookin’ a lot like the old one. Here are  6 key facts that don’t seem to have changed since we flipped our calendars. alarm clock

 1. It is important to remember to set your alarm if you don’t want to oversleep for work, like I did this morning, whoopsicle!


2. Bagels & Cream Cheese > Oatmeal, no matter how many g-dang “fun” toppings you put on it


3. Caffeine sho ain’t easy to quit.


4. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler are American Treasures.

lady edith

5. It really sucks to be Lady Edith. (image via

Hurry & catch up on Downton Abbey at Netflix or!


6. Wine makes everything at least 47% better. 

And, as always, I'd rather be just about anywhere other than my desk right now! Have a delightful Wednesday, my fine friends. Wake me when it's time for Happy Hour!


xo Liz Ho