And The Winner Is...!

Happy Hump Day, my fine friends. Just checking in right quick with a few matters of bizanss following last week's Friday Recap. First: a huge thanks to all who offered frozen banana tips. Apparently you peel, thennnn freeze. Who knew?! Well, apparently a whole lotta people but not me, so thanks,banana smarties. You make the world go round.

Secondably: I know everyone is just dyyyyyyying a million deaths to see the results of my big time major joke contest. In case you need a refresher, the challenge was thus: correctly answer the A+++ super sophisticated joke below and be entered to win a major prize.


April Showers Bring May Flowers but What do May Flowers Bring?

There were a lot of great answers, including June Bugs (solid guess), allergies (true, but miserable), Summer beers( no, but now I'm thirsty) and Sexy Back, which, I mean, look at me, it never left. All fine guesses but sadly, this is a cutthroat wold and fine just isn't good enough.

Thenreal answer is...drumroll please...Pilgrims. Just let that land.

Mayflowers bring pilgrims. Get it??? Because the pilgrims (Pilgrims? Proper noun?) sailed to America on a boat...named...The Mayflower! Best joke ever!!!

I'd like to take credit for crafting that fine piece of comedy on my own, but I'm pretttty sure I read it on like, a Popsicle stick or Laffy Taffy wrapper at some point. Never gets old, I'll tell ya.

I was going to randomly select one correct guesser to win the prize, but only two commenters got it right and it hardly feels fair to reward just one of these comic geniuses, so both are winners today! So let's give it up for Kamran and Abbe! You did it, guys! Congrats also for going through life with unusual spellings of common names. Must get complicated!

These two happen to be friends with me in real life, so they've already won the best prize ever, but as added reward for their hilarity and support of ye ol blog, a drink for each of you, on me! Cool prize, I know. Better luck next time, everyone!

And here is a picture of some dogs dressed up like Pilgrims & Indians because, sure.


That cuteness should get us through the rest of the week, no?

Thanks, everyone, for playing along in my joke game. Was it fun? Probably not. Contests & giveaways seem best when there are, you know, actual prizes attached. I need some corporate sponsors. Hello, Diet Coke? It's Liz! Call me.

xoxo Liz Ho