One Awkward Thank You; or, A Rambling Freewrite

Do you guys remember that quote “Never make someone your priority when all you are to them in an option?” Well fun fact: Maya Angelou said that. I did not know that! I just remember that was a very popular AIM away message for gals when I was in college. I really miss those oh so subtle, passive aggressive, “anonymous” shout-outs to guys who did you wrong, in the form of song lyrics or random poetry, written in size 14, baby blue, comic sans font. Good times.

Generally I’m not much of a sucker for nostalgia stuff, endless lists of “you know you were a child of the 90’s when...” snap bracelets! pogs! Clarissa! I’m sure they were charming at first, but there’s only so many times you can scroll through some Buzzfeed slideshow of the same old pre-millennial cultural touchstones until you’re like, enough, we get it. Tamagotchi. Lunchables. And no, I don’t remember Salute Your Shorts because my mom wouldn’t let us watch TV. GOD, MOM. But there is something about reminiscing about the internet of yore that melts my heart of stone and always makes me chuckle. I miss AIM. I guess now we have facebook and twitter and foursquare and tumblr and instagram as of today something called Vine and of course, Snapchat which I just learned about and I can not even deal with, KIDS, put your willies back in your pants, but AIM, man, that was golden. What we lacked in quantity back in the day we sure made up for in quality. AIM: The Reboot. Let’s make it happen.

Anyway, what is my point. I don’t think I came here to talk about 2003 social media... Oh yes! That Maya A. quote above, bastardized by heartbroken girls at overpriced liberal arts colleges nationwide, has been stuck in my head all day as I became increasingly guilt ridden over not blogging today. I set out at the start of 2013 to make writing and blogging my priority and instead, I am making it an option. I realize that is 147% not what the quote is saying but still, ‘twas ringing in my brain all day. I’ve been proud of my increased presence here, of the feedback I’ve been receiving and of the connections I’ve been building via wordpress, but I already feel myself slipping, missing a day here, a day there. Scrambling to get posts written at 9 PM in front of Downton Abbey or at my desk instead of doing work (“doing work,” more like, eating snacks & shitting around on the internet, interspersed with panic induced bursts of productivity after I realize how much time I’ve been wasting). I want to take time to be organized, to have things written in advance, to write things that feel smart and put together, to figure out why the OAY Facebook page is such a piece of poop, to continue building relationships with current bloggy friends and find even more new pals to hook up with...internetly, not like, sexually...but l allow other things to get in the way: sleep, TV, making out, reading other people’s blogs instead of writing my own. I am working to fix this.

Step one: make promises on the internet and have pushy friends who call you on your shit when you don’t keep them. Last week a pal reprimanded me for taking Monday off, scolding “you know Martin Luther King would have busted his ass on your birthday.” Touche, my friend. Touche.

I guess what I am trying to say amidst all this rambling is thank you! I know, kind of buried that lede there, didn’t I. I have a hard time getting over my fear of appearing overly self indulgent blogging and talking about myself but for whatever reason, ya’ll seem to really enjoy it. You crazy!! Last week two old friends reached out via facebook to encourage me to keep writing and today I got an email from someone I don’t even know (!) telling me she was a fan. What the what? Amazing. So blah be de blah...AOL...Maya Angelou... thank you guys for hanging out with me and encouraging me to keep up with this and be better and funnier and smarter.

You are all, collectively, the wind beneath my wings. As a gift, I’ll be back tomorrow for an EXTRA post this week, how’s that for a treat? SUCH A TREAT.

My gal over at Connecting the Dots nominated me for a blog award that seems to involve answering ridiculous questions and linking up with other bloggers. I’m still not 100% sure how it all works but I never say no to awards or attention so check back tomorrow for some of that goodness. Four posts in a week. Can she do it?


Now bring us home, Bette!



Huggles and snuggles,

Liz Ho