One Awkward Online Date - An Intro

Hello, readers. I'd like to introduce you to new and recurring segment to this here blog: One Awkward Online Date. Except it will actually (god-willing) be lots of awkward online dates, but I have to keep with the theme. So just go with it. Due to a variety of circumstances, including boredom, mild to moderate desperation and an intense need for some attention, I've decided to turn to the interwebs to git me a mans. Many people I know have had great success in this arena and I figure it can go one of two ways:

1.) A plethora of available men leave me so oversexed I can't walk for weeks, until I eventually come across 'The One' and settle down for a life of white-picket-fenced bliss.

2.) awkward blog material.

It's a win-win situation.

So, with the hopes of increasing both my love life and my blog life, I've decided to take on the challenge. I will test out a variety of online dating sites and report back with my ever-awkward findings.  So far I've been wading in the waters of OK Cupid, mainly because it is free. If I wanted to pay for love, I'd hire a gigolo. But, because this is a majorly important sociological experiment,  and you, my faithful readers are counting on me to be the best and most awkward I can be, I will eventually test out more sites. Even the expensive ones. It's all for you guys, really.

In the words of the ever-wise Tobias Funke: "Let the great experiment begin!"