One Awkward(ly Triumphant) Return

Oh you guys! We are so embarrassed! We completely forgot to put up our Out-Of-Blog message. We’ve been closed for Summer Vacation, because adults totally get Summer Vacation, and have been so busy with boogey boarding and lemonade stands and white parties in the Hampton's and all of that classic summer tomfoolery. And then, of course, we were closed in observance of every single one of the Muslim and Jewish High Holidays because we are all about freedom of religion. This blog is building a mosque on 9/11! Thank you so much for forgiving our faux pas and please do not fear. Autumn is upon us and the religious season is over (probably not, those Jews never quit with the High Holidays) and just like Primetime Television, We. Are. BACK. You’re probably noticing a switch in tone from the singular to the plural. Good observation, nerd! This change reflects not the royal We, nor the schizophrenic We (yet!) nor that fancy journalist We, when the writer speaks for the whole paper and says we, we, we and mostly sounds like a weirdo. This “we” is the literal, plural, more-than-one-person We. That’s right, folks – One Awkward Year is now bringing you two times the awkward, two times the sexy, two times the love.

Meet A! A is for Awkward and also for Awesome and also for Additional, as in she’s an Additional Contributor to your favorite blog. A brings a wealth of humor and talent and flat-out absurdity to this esteemed publication. In addition to sharing her own Awkward Moments (i.e. listening while a co-worker simulates phone sex during an office function), A will help connect this blog to the interweb, linking us in with videos, jpegs, memes, widgets, flim-flams, and other cool internet trends. She’ll help to make OAY (cool new acronym!) more interactive, up-to-date and visually stimulating. At the very least, she’ll just be one more person logging on, and writing pathetic stories about her writers’ block and apologizing for lack of blogging. Who doesn’t want more of that??

So, everyone, be nice to A! Welcome her with open arms (and legs, lol, gross) and treat her as you’d treat a friend. I know you’re probably a little nervous, and a little skeptical, but this is a GOOD THING. Think about when a beloved TV show adds a new character and makes it even more beloved. At first you’re scared, sure, I mean, did Sean Hunter really need a long-lost half brother? But then, you meet Sean’s long-lost half-brother and he’s whole-sexy and played by a Lawrence bro and it’s like, you did it again, TGIF! Welcome to the family, Jack! Or like, when you’re deciding whether or not to put bacon on a cheeseburger. The burger already has cheese. And cheese is the best! Does it need bacon. YES it needs bacon. Always.

What I’m trying to say here, is that A is OAY’s long-lost bacon covered whole-sexy Lawrence brother. Love her. I do!

In addition to A, you’ll be seeing a lot of other changes around here. New layout, more images, maybe some TV recaps, guest posts, polls, haikus, who fucking knows. We clearly have not thought about it. One thing we can say for sure, is that we are back. (WOLF!!! JK, no wolf!!) No more writers blocking, whining or summer vacations.

Let’s get awkward!