One Awkward Yell

Guess what, blog world? I have some exciting news: I'm pregnant! And the dad is my dentist! Just kidding, I don't know who the dad is.

For reals though - there is news. I'm getting a promotion. I've now moved slightly up the totem pole. Like, if my office were this totem pole here, I would now be that guy with the weird green head who appears to be cupping the other little guy's boobs:

We're all very close in my office.

Anyhoodle, because of this promotion I get to move from a cubicle into an office, which is great because now I can nap and listen to music and break wind with abandon. In order to move into this office, I have to clean all of my junk off of my old desk, which finds me here at the office at 8 PM, filing away. Finally I decide it's time to leave, so I get up and pack up my things and as I'm rounding the corner towards the door, the security guard rounds the corner at the same time. Like a nice, normal security guard.

And I yell. It wasn't like, a bloodcurdling shriek or anything but a very distinctive GAH! He must have startled me? The lights were on. There were other people mingling around and I freaked out and GAH-ed. The poor man just shrunk away from me and said "sorry, miss, just checking the fire extinguishers." And I blushed, and stammered an apology and sprinted out of the building.

And now I have to quit, out of sheer embarrassment, and I'll never get to fart in my new office. Le sigh.