Yeehaw, y'all

Happy Friday, y'all! Today I get to say y'all as much as I want, I'm on my way to the great state of Texas. Yeehaw! Chuckwagon! Remember the Alamo! I'm very excited, I've never been to the lonestar state before. We're off to Houston for the wedding of my longest friend. I mean, in years, not length, though he is pretty get what I mean, we go way back. In fact, we have been friends literally since birth. And now he's getting married, aahh!

My boss's gentleman friend, a very hip dude, just moved to NYC from Houston so I asked him what we should do and see while in town. He recommended a conceptual art gallery and a silent meditation temple. Uh, all due respect to this fellow but I can think of no two things I like less than silence and whatever conceptual art might be. Snoozetown, population that guy.

Luckily for me there is both a Margarita festival and a gun show within walking distance of my hotel this weekend. Margaritas and guns, now that's Texas! I hope they let you practice shooting rifles while simultaneously shooting tequila. No way that could go wrong. Good God,  This is gonna be great!

I am currently in the airport blogging from my phone, how flipping cool am I? This airport is actually amazing, they have iPads in the waiting area that anyone can use! They are connected to the airport bar and you can order food and booze to be delivered to wherever you are sitting. Tempting. Dangerous. These iPads are both cool and disgusting, a fact I realized after I blew my nose and then rubbed my snotty fingers all over the screen. Groady. Sorry, LaGuardia Delta terminal!

The last time I flew I was leaving St Louis this summer and my bag got extra searched at security. I had put my toiletries in too large a Ziploc baggie. They made a whole scene of forcing me to take as much as I could out of the big bag and fit it into a smaller one, and confiscated a slightly too large bottle of mousse. But then instead of throwing out the too large bag, they let me keep it and all of it's remaining contents...including two razor blades. Two! So that's the state of our airline security these days. Feel free to razor everyone, but please don't style their hair.

Oop! Boarding time! Thanks for allowing me to ramble whilst I waited away the morning. I wanted to get up my weekly awkward photo recap this morning, but couldn't get organized and certainly can't figure out how to post pics on this newfangled contraption. I promise lots of gun show stories to make up for it. Do you think they'll let me take home a rifle as a souvenir??

Have a great weekend, Y'ALL! Xo