One Awkward Live TV Moment

Hey Old Friends! (can we be old friends now?) It's A. Oh man! Did you watch Australia's Next Top Model? who DIDN'T is a better question amiright? well, awkward. just, so painfully awkward. see for yourself.


The host announced the wrong winner in front of a live audience. Seriously??

Also, is it me or does Australia take their Top Model very seriously? Like WAY more seriously than here in the USA, well maybe except for Tyra.  Good Grief Tyra, just a Xanax and GO TO SLEEP!


I know that I am basically the ONLY person in the world who didn't watch it. But, why you ask? Because I like most of you (I assume), have succumb to the recent life sucker that is Netflix Watch Instantly, and America's Top Model doesn't exactly fit into my recommendations, see for yourself.

I wish this wasn't true.