One Awkward Year: The Best & Worst of 2011

The end of the year is upon us which means that every major cultural outlet is unveiling their Best of the Year lists. I love these because I enjoy lists, culture and knowing what is superior to everything else.  Conversely, I hate these because they make me feel like both a dingbat and a hypocrite . I’m the kind of snob who only values the opinions of say, The New York Times, however never actually read or watch or eat or say or do anything that said New York Times would consider top-notch. I don’t know who Werner Herzog is (nor do I particularly care), the only art exhibit I’ve seen in the last year was a display of Amish quilts and to-date I have read exactly 2.35 of the NYT’s Top 100 Notable Books of the year, despite working in the publishing industry and loudly admonishing the literary choices of pretty much everyone around me.
So yeah, I was feeling pretty down on myself these last few weeks, having not read The Art of Fielding (I know!) or seen Tree of Life (snooze, No thank you!) or caught up on Breaking Bad (I blame my lack of DVR), when I remembered something very, very important. Everyone else’s opinions are stupid and all of mine are the best.Thus, it is without further ado that I present to you a year end list we can all enjoy and feel great about.

2011 According to Liz Ho:

The Best (and sometimes Worst) in Culture, Dining, Sex Appeal, Imaginary Best Friends and Overwhelming Self-Absorption

Best Films: 

Country Strong (if you're drunk and wearing a costume in the theater)

The Muppets (if you want to cry & sing along with your mom)

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Deux (if you are ready to bid farewell to your childhood)

Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy (just best overall, really)

Best Art


Words/Phrases That Need To Stay In 2011: #Winning Sunday Funday Loves It!


Words/Phrases That Ought To Make A Comeback in 2012:



Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

Best Colors of Nailpolish:

Blue Gray (fingers only) Orange Purple Hot Pink (toes only)

Best Wedding:

Morin & Wilkes!
Just kidding, those are two random strangers I found on the internet. I just thought it was too cliche to say Will & Kate.
(Actual best wedding, Will & Kate always and forever, no duh.)
(But Mazel Tov to you, Morin & Wilkes!)
Top 5 Cheeses:

1. Brie 2. Parmesean, shaved 3. Parmesean, grated 4. Pepperjack 5. Kraft Singles

10 Most Frequently Consumed Foods (non-cheese category)

1. Kale 2. Hummus 3. Ham & Cheese Sandwiches (round roll, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo and spicy mustard) 4. Whole wheat everything bagels with scallion cream cheese & tomato 5. Canned beans 6. Siracha sauce 7. Eggs (so tasty with #1 & #6!) 8. Trader Joe’s Masala Burgers (YUM!) 9. Wine 10. Pickles

(Possible New Year’s Resolution: protien!)

Five Men I Most Want To Go To Third Base With:

Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling, Adam Scott, Tim Riggins, Idris Elba
(only partially because I didn’t want the internet to think I only liked white guys....)
(Honorary mention: Brian, better luck in 2012, champ.)
Five Ladies I Most Want To Go Drink Wine With, Or Maybe To The Mall, Or Get Manicures, or Like, Do A Girls Weekend At The Beach Or Something, I Don’t Know, Call Me:
Queen B, Queen T, Queen E...OK, I'll stop, Emma Stone, Amy Poehler, Michelle My Belle Obama
Greatest Technological Development:
How to make photo collages!
Most Overrated:
Zooey Deschanel
(YEAH I said it!)


Most Underrated:

Wendy Williams.

Woman is a GENIUS. 
Most Disappointing:
Michael Vick
After ALL we've been through together, Mikey?! 
Most Pathetic Balance in my Checking Account:
(period ending 4/14/11. A banner month!)
Top 3 Pictures of Zucchini: 1.



Unsolved Mysteries:

Who killed Caylee Anthony? Why is Serena Gomez dating Justin Bieber - she’s so pretty!! The Relative Popularity of a one Whitney Cummings Who stole my brown dress shoes from the ladies locker room at New York Sports Club?!? Best Hair Day That Would Have Gone Unnoticed Had I Not Taken This Self Photo In My Friend's Guest Room The Other Day:


7 Random Things I Loved (Brought To You By the Letter H):

House Hunters, Hunger Games, Heidi Klum, [The] Hairpin, hot dogs,  Hermione Granger, hand cream

5 Things That Filled Me With Irrational Rage:

Guys who dressed as the Zach Galifianakis character from The Hangover, baby-related TMI on Facebook (i.e anything involving poopie updates, baby-bump photos, the word baby-bump), bland strapless wedding gowns, #overusedanduncreativehashtags, the removal of turkey from Subway's $5 footlong menu (a curse on you, Subway!)

2 Things I Still Can't Decide On:

Taylor Swift, Black Olives

The Very Worst:

Even you, Khloe. EVEN  YOU! 

The Very Best:


The Very, VERY Best:

Thanks for putting up with me! 

Best blog:

This one. Loves it!!!!!

What was your favorite everything of 2011? What did I miss?