Another Awkward Week [3.21.14]

Happy Spring, chickens! It's finally here! I mean, yes it's still frigid and they're calling for more snow next week but I am choosing to believe in the power of positive thought and joyfully welcome spring.

Spring! A ling!  a ding ding ding!

Cool chant, bro.

I welcomed the new season last night with open arms and plenty o' tequila. As one does. 

In an effort to improve my mental health and self confidence, I've been trying hard to focus on things I know I am good at (like running, making salads, quoting Mean Girls) and be proud of myself, instead of dwelling on all of the areas where I feel like a failure (everywhere else!). One asset I've always liked about myself is my, for lack of a better term, school spirit. I have been complimented on my enthusiasm in the  - I've told the story about how my high school soccer coach told me I was more valuable on the bench than on the field, because of my "spirit" (see also: lack of sports skills) and my first boss at my job here told me he hired me because I was so enthusiastic. It was between me and another candidate and I just kept calling until I wore him down with my relentless enthusiasm. No one can hide from me! 

Here at work, where I've become especially hard on myself of late, I've decided to embrace my assets and become the Self Appointed De Facto Social Chair of our department. (Am I using De Facto right? Who cares! No time!) I've started doing silly things like the Valentine's Chip & Dip Romance Extravaganza (this year with champagne!) and bringing in donuts on Fat Tuesday and then sending funny emails to invite everyone to join me in eating said donuts. And last night I hosted the first annual Spring Fling - margarita happy hour at a Mexican restaurant by our offices. 

It was so much fun. Tons of people came out and we all got a little smashed and celebrated the new season and I KNOW it is so silly to be like "Good job, Liz, you organized a happy hour"....but I'm sayin' it. Good job, Liz! You organized a happy hour! 

I've come to realize that morale is possibly as important, if not more important than a well rounded knowledge of well respected literary journals. Someone has to work to keep the spirit and energy up in this place and by jove, it will be me! 

I'm feeling better about myself already.

Except also maybe not all of our morale boosting activities need to involve so much tequila because OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I've already had two breakfasts and am counting down the seconds until my inevitable hangover hoagie. 

First one of the new season!! 

Ok enough of this nonsense. I've been so like, Oprah Soul Series Self Empowerment lately, I don't know what's gotten into me! Let's cut the schmaltz and take a look at what was keeping it awkward this week.


This Haircut:


Is this a terrible selfie? Sho is! But I have yet to reach the point in my blogging career (LOL "career!") where I can just have some kind of professional photographer follow me around all day every day, catching casual candids of my beautifully curated life so until I reach that point, we're just going to have to deal with a LOT of horrible pics snapped in the mirror of the hair salon dressing room. 

Monday evening I had a MUCH needed hair appointment. Sometime that morning I realized I had a missed call from Arrojo Studios and a voicemail on my cell phone. I assumed they were calling to re-confirm the appointment but the reality was much more dramatic. 

"Hello, this is Arrojo Studio, we're calling in regards to your appointment this evening. Unfortunately your stylist is no longer with us. Please call us back."

UM, no longer WITH US? Like, on earth, among the living? Or just, you know, not working at your salon anymore? That's a very strong turn of phrase. 

I called back to get the scoop (and reschedule. Sorry this lady is dead/missing/resigned but I kind of need a new 'do) and the super flustered receptionist told me that she had no idea what happened to my stylist ... the news had "just landed."

"No longer with us!" "News has just landed!" SUCH an soap opera over there! 

I was able to reschedule for the same evening with a different stylist who gave me some more intel - it turns out it was some kind of family issue, and I do hope all's OK with that, but the whole situation was so cloaked in mystery and drama, loved it. If only all of life could be so scandalous and intense!

PS: I adored this new stylist, if anyone in the NYC regional area is looking for recommendations! 

This Dress:


Isn't is cute? I KNOW! A colleague of mine (who sits next to me and took this photo, hi Glory!) was wearing it one day in navy blue and I was obsessed and she informed me that she got it at Old Navy (More like Old Favy...cuz it's my favorite? No?) for $20 and they also had it in green and I literally sprinted back to my desk, logged onto and the dress was mine. 

It's a two part number, the sheer business you see on top and then a like slip thing underneath, which is attached to inside of the shoulders of the flowered part. 

I went to the gym over lunch yesterday (#humblebrag!) and when re-dressing post workout I realize that the dress had somehow managed to twist itself in such a way that the back part of the slip was now in the front and I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to fix it. I could have just worn it backwards and winged it, except that the back turns out to be significantly lower than the front, and about 80% of my bra & boobs were exposed through the sheer overlayer.

I tried and tried and tried to fix the problem, getting myself ever more twisted every time. At one point I had the slip on and the outer part was hanging inside-out in front of me. Another time one arm was through a sleeve of the slip and somehow the other sleeve was like, behind me? It was a hot mess AND of course happening in the locker room where zillions (ok, four) of people could see me causing a scene.

I ended up putting it on backwards, rushing back to work, and shutting myself in my office where I took it off, cut the slip out of the overlayer and got it all on just right.

What a disaster.

PS: Am I pulling off the whole, lighter colored elf booties over tights thing? It's very hipster but I don't know if I'm making it work...

This Water Bottle:


I got home from work the other night and had a weird tingly feeling in my leg which I soon learned was not actually tingling but wetness...the lid of my water bottle had broken and I had H2O dripping out from my tote bag and all down the back of my leg. 

I'm not sure when this happened, but I may have walked the whole way from the subway with mysterious liquids dripping down my pants. Classy.

PS: I have nothing to say here, I just said PS for the other 2 things so...

This Bouquet:


I love tulips! I also love instagram! Something I am endlessly fascinated by on insta is this trend of like, carefully curated and stylized "lifestyle" photos - a cup of coffee next to a scone all artfully on top of a Sunday times, caption: "love lazy weekends!" or a neatly arranged display of pens, a calendar, a diet coke, some flowers, a note pad, caption: "working from home today!" 

And the light is always perfect and there's nothing weird in the background or over to the corner and it's all just so stylized with the intent, I guess, to look natural? How much time do you think these people spend arranging their lives just so? I just don't get it and yet I am sort of obsessed with creeping upon these offenders and speculating about their lives so I am totally complicit in the popularity of these sorts of posts. 

Anyhoodle, my point in this whole confession is that yesterday morning I decided I wanted to instagram my beautiful new tulips, in honor of spring, and I wanted the photo to be as beautiful as any instagram star might share but my kitchen table was a mess and the tile in the kitchen makes an ugly backgrond and where can I get some natural light up in here so I ended up carrying them all over the apartment, eventually pulling a dining chair into the bedroom in front of a white wall and snapping this photo which isn't even that good! It's really not great and took me probably 10-15 minutes of my day to create.

And for why? Seriously why? I remain mystified by this whole craze and I think my foray into hip insta nonsense ends here. 

And THAT, kittens, was my week! How was yours? Weekend plans? If so make sure to photograph...gram it or it didn't happen!

xoxo Liz Ho