The Liz Ho-Lympics

I did it! I did it! Not only did I finish the race, I beat my personal goal by four whole minutes clocking in at 26 minutes flat. Booyah! 112th place, baby! I’m very proud of myself for finishing the race and equally proud of myself for finishing the massive BLT I had for dinner immediately following. Brian (who won another gold medal!) said it was not so much a BLT as a Bacon Hoagie. I’m into it. Running is impressive, sure, but slamming a foot long bacon sammy? Medal worthy. Proud as I am of my running skillz, I've realized I’m probably not going to make it to Rio 2016 for any sort of athletic pursuits, I have decided to start my own Olympics, the Liz Ho-Lympics, featuring events I either have a shot at winning, or would just personally enjoy. (Yes, I know I already tried to start an Olympics once and no one wanted to play with me but I refuse to give up. Persistence is a top trait in Gold Medalists, so.)

It is with great pride that I invite you all to participate in...

Featured Competitions:

- cheese tasting

- pun making

- manicure design

- gin rummy

- literal interpretative dance

- a pop-culture quote-athalon

- bar trivia

- French braiding

- omelet flipping

- naptime

 What should I add? What fictional Olympic event do you think you’d win?