Afternoon Delight: A surprisingly un-awkward link!

Hi gang! Two posts in one day? Maybe the apocalypse is happening after all! I tried to work this into my earlier note about my time at home, but I just couldn't make it awk. Unusual, I KNOW. My big Monday driving adventure took me to the future home of my super cool cousin Angie and her charming, crafty BF Jeremy. They are renovating an old warehouse in downtown Lancaster (yes there is a "downtown" in Lancaster) and turning it into a real, liveable home. It's a phenomenal project and I was genuinely honored to be a part of it. I did get lost on the way there and then spend some weird moments agonizing over a box of popsicles (leave in car? bring in house? eat all, alone, in driveway and pretend it never happened?) and then I spent the rest of the afternoon crawling on the ground picking up nails but alas, nothing truly embarassing happened.  God, Angie and Jeremy. You guys are so boring!

Despite coming out of the experience unscathed, I still wanted to share it with you. And if you're looking to feel lazy and uncreative (and also in awe, inspired and totes jeal that you're not related to one of the builders) check out Angie's renovation blog here: