One Awkward Bomb, Bursting in Air

To continue the story of this particular Sunday, I spent my evening at a friend's to watch Dexter (which, holy shit, get it together, Dex) and Mad Men (Ditto for you, Dick Witman. I'm not kidding, do not bone your secretary. It will end in disaster! I'm going to have a stress-related heart attack, cause of death: Sunday night premium cable.) ANYWAY before I had my heart attack, I had to sit through the start of the Sunday night game because God forbid we mix up our programming just a bit, TV. Definitely need 14 straight hours of football. Praise be to JLo we tuned in, because this particular match featured the highly anticipated collaboration of national treasures Mark Anthony and Fergie singing the Star Spangled Banner. God Bless America, for sure. Fergalicious seemed to be having some issues with her dramatic hand gestures, providing us with the most awkward rendition of the SSB in the glorious 196 year, 12 day history of the tune. (Don't ask how I knew that.)


I have no idea how to edit this ish, so fast forward to the 1:14 mark. You'll know you're at the right place when the "banner yet waves" and they start flapping a giant flag cut in the shape of the USA (this is your legacy, Betsy Ross).

Nailed it, Fergie Ferg!

* Thanks to Kathy for the tip!