One Awkward Encounter with Jon Hamm

PSYCH! I lied. I've never met Jon Hamm, and if I did, you best believe I wouldn't have been awkward (hint: lies) Hi Everyone! It's A, nice to meet you!!

I actually can't think of an occasion where I would probably be more awkward than that, I would definitely probably pass out (what if he caught me while I fell.... wait this isn't a blog about all my dreams, get back on track)  But let's be honest, I'm new and I am coming into this well established (right??) blog with many loyal readers who don't trust me and I wanted to you to like me ok? I have liking issues, everyone must like me, or at least let me believe this, so I wanted to peak your interest with an exciting title! I guess I failed on the trust bit, since I lied to you in my first few words on this sacred mantel of blog.  Well, at least a lie gets me into an awkward situation, so ipso facto, BAM! you've just been OAYblogged.  I just made that up, it's a term now. Anyway, back to Jon Hamm, while I haven't met him, yet. I can only imagine what would have happened, I mean I don't want to brag, but I am kind of an expert at being around celebrities, my prom date was a Disney channel star, (NOT LIES!!) soooo I've been around the block with dealing with Divas and Casanovas.   Like the time I texted Jason Segel.

You know, this guy.

side note guys. I made that. I watched a gif making tutorial on the internet and made that!! (nerd alert, I just gave myself a wedgie and a swirlie, I deserve it)

anyway, who doesn't love Jason Segel???  have you seen this yet?


he gives our his phone number!! his real (?) phone number, also it's just adorable, so watch it.

so anyway, I was out one night having some adult beverages, when I get a text from a friend who was also drinking adult beverages saying, "I can't believe you aren't here right now, we are at a bar with Jason Segel!!" and she wouldn't stop (adult beverages man) saying they were taking pictures with him and that I was lame for not being there.  She even got another friend of ours to text me to corroborate her story (adult beverages man) so to shut her up, I told her I would text him b/c I had his number and he had a message for her! So I got on my "internet at my finger tips smart phone" that's a technical term, and watched this very video wrote down his phone number and texted him, "Jason Segel.  My friend so-and-so says she is at a bar with you right now, so tell so-and-so A says hi and that so-and-so is full of crap!"

well, not 3 seconds later my phone buzzes. WHO COULD IT BE?!?! it was my friend's husband saying, "she is lying. Jason Segel is not here"

Oh. Sh!t. I just texted Jason Segel based on a lie!  Well, I thought, what's the worst that could happen.  Well, I'll tell you what happened.

This happened.