Another Awkward Week [2.27.15]

Guys, hi! I know I was all "I need a change" but sometimes you just gotta stick with what's working, you know? 

How was everyone's week? Did you get swept up in the whirlwind of that blue/black/white/gold dress?! OF COURSE YOU DID THE WHOLE WORLD DID. No one could look away! The first time I looked, I was seeing blue and black and Brian was seeing white and gold and then the second time it looked white to me and then it started to really stress me out and then we both thought it looked kind of beige and grey and then Brian discovered that Taylor Swift was on team blue...

Team Swift of course I had to hop on that bandwagon. You're my girl, T! 

Apparently it all has to do with pixels and lenses and biology, but I still don't understand it, man.

I DO however now have that Black and Yellow (Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow) song stuck in my head so thanks for nothing, SCIENCE. 

Anywayyyy, enough about that nonsense. Why don't we take a look at what was keeping it awkward this week. 

This Mess:


Turns out no matter how long you take off blogging, some simple facts remain the same. Like water will ALWAYS spill out of your bottle if you turn it upside down without the cap on.

Also, tissues are great for runny noses...less great for mopping up huge puddles from Amtrak seats.  

This Treat:


As I alluded last week, we're having a bit of an issue with cleanliness and order around Hott Manor. We've both just been so busy it's easy to let dishes fester in the sink and junk pile up around the house. We were giving ourselves a major pass - we'll get to it! - until this week when I reached into the couch cushions and pulled out this bag of smashed old chocolate candies... gross. Just gross.

Brian just looked at me and said: "We gotta get it together."

Ugh, we so do.

This Elevator Ride:


That awkward moment when you get on the elevator on the 4th Floor intending to take it down to the ground floor but instead it goes up to the 7th floor and a lady gets on and then SHE rides it all the way up to the 10th floor and then and only then do you realize you're going in the opposite direction and dramatically yelp "Oh NO!!" really loudly and the strange lady stares at you and then you get to the 10th floor and she gets off and looks back at you like, "you getting out, weirdo?" and you say, aloud "no, I'm good" (what?) and then just stand there for a million hours before you remember you STILL need to press the button for the ground floor if you ever intend to get anywhere.

And then the elevator, of course, stops at every gdamn floor in the entire building on the way down. Le sigh.

Speaking of interacting with other humans...

This Cheese Plate 

cheese platter yum yum

So my boss, in addition to being an incredible Publicity Director (and yoga instructor and adventurer and all around cool cat) is a brilliant poet. Her first book of poems was published this month!! You can check her out on NPR here and then rush out and purchase the book. You won't be disappointed!

This is also the first/only book of poems I've ever read aside from Shel Silverstein. Such a sophisticate!

Anywhoo, on Wednesday night a huge group gathered at Brooklyn's Book Court for a launch party / reading celebration complete with a yummy cheese platter. Here's a little insidery glimpse into the publishing industry: publishing people fucking LOVE cheese platters. Can not get enough. 

The night was winding down and I was hovering near the food, as I do, and out of the corner of my eye saw a woman scraping at the dregs of one of the blocks of cheese, really going for it just making sure she got every last bite of cheese off that plate. 

thought this woman was my colleague Alex, turned to her and said "Yeahhh! Get it girl!"


Turns out she didn't even look a THING like Alex save that they're both brunette white ladies. 

She looked at me in abject horror and ran away. 

Oh my god. She probably thought I was making fun of her, too, for going to town on that cheese. But I was so proud!! A woman after my own heart. 

Smooth, smooth SMOOTH.

And that, my friends is the haps! Any fun weekend plans? I'm rocking a variety of suburbs all weekend long, with a birthday party in New Jersey this evening and a bridal shower on Long Island which I'll be wearing a sweater dress that is either light grey with darker grey accents or dark grey with lighter grey accents depending on how your lenses pixelate it. SCIENCE!!!! 

Hope your weekend is magical and mystical and no strangers attack you at the cheese plate.

xoxo Liz