#Hottravels: The Honeymooners

Xin chao, y'all. We're baaack! They honeymoon is over, sigh. But what a honeymoon it was! 

Vietnam and Cambodia were wild and beautiful and vivid and overwhelming and green and delicious and warm and exotic and majestic and old and bustling and AMAZING. 

hoi an

It was nothing at all like I imagined and somehow so much better

We kayaked, biked, rode motorbikes, learned to cook, walked and walked and walked some more. 


We saw ruins and rice fields, villages, temples, fishing nets, men rowing boats with their legs, monkeys swinging around the jungle, chickens running around the city streets, old ladies doing tai chi in the park, puppies in baskets, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of motorbikers, sunrises and sunsets and war bunkers and dragon boats and white sand beaches completely untouched by modern time and palm trees and bougainvillea and banyan trees growing sideways over thousand-year-old tombs.

rice fields

We ate our body weight in rice noodles, generally washed down with a crisp, cool, 30 cent brewski. (Once we caved and ate a pizza.)

pho sho

We got sunburn and one of us is still recovering from a particularly unsightly heat rash, and yes, OH YES, we got food poisoning. Brian maintains he has no regrets. (Me? I'm still not so sure...) 


We made some BOLD fashion choices. 

pillow pants

And played countless games of rummy and navigated foreign terrains and crossed some new, um, sound barriers in our relationship, and made out all over Southeast Asia had the adventure of a lifetime and did NOT get sick of each other, not even once. 

on a boat

I have so many stories and pictures, I can't wait to share all about it! Jet lag + that whole catching up from two weeks out of the office scenario have me strugggggling but I'm finally climbing back to some version of normalcy so you can look forward to me completely blanketing your interwebs with more details about our honeymoon than anyone could even fathom. GET EXCITED!!!! 

xoxo Liz Ho