Project 30 and other fun internet happenings


My friends! How are you today?  This photo has nothing to do with anything, I just find it entertaining. Speaking of things that are entertaining, I thought I'd  share a little internet fun, just in case anyone else is facing down the barrel of a Tuesday afternoon and seeking some distractions. 

Allow me to direct you towards one of my favorite blogs, 365 til 30!! I've linked to Kate's blog in the past, I think she's just the coolest. Funny, real, adventurous and super enthusiastic about the quest to make the most of adulthood. Also, she's guy named Brian AND they went to Vietnam on their honeymoon. How could she not be cool?!

She has a series called "Project 30," which features women writers, bloggers and creatives in their 30's sharing wisdom and wit picked up in three decades. I'm a huge fan of the series and eagerly read every post the second they publish. Check 'em here, they're all worth a read.  Spoiler alert: no one ever feels like they've got it figured out. Let's all chill! 

I don't know if she was drunk or in a temporary coma or something but this week's post is from none other than yours truly! I was so honored when Kate invited me to participate and feel like I learned all sorts of deep truths about life and aging and myself. 

So why don't you scoot your boot over there and get wise with me? And as long as you're there, be sure to stick around and check out Kate's blog. You can thank me later!

Virtual smooches to Kate for inviting me to be a part of the fun!


And as long as we're goofing around on the internet, here are a few other fun links (not involving me, sadly) from around the web: 

Lena Dunham is publishing a newsletter! Will you subscribe? (I did!) 

This is old news but as a PR girl with a celeb obsession, I thought this was supreme-o fascinating stuffs.  (RIP #bennifer.) 

See you there

I'm sure you've all seen this horror story making the way around your facebook feed by now. I will never forget seeing this IMAX movie about California when I was a kid. They were talking about the San Andreas fault and showed a graphic of California breaking off from the rest of the US and floating off to sea and I was just like, FUCK NO I am never going there ever OK bye and was afraid of California for years. Fear renewed & adding Oregon to the list. goodbye forever, I live in a bunker now. 

Equal parts hilarious & infuriating. (Thanks for the tip, Rachel!) 

Would anyone like to have a long, fraught discussion with me about language and women? Because it's, like, all over the news and I just like, can't stop obsessing over it. 

Speaking of obsessed, thoughts on Go Set a Watchman? I have millions. Here, here, here, here, here, ANNNNDDDD here are just a few of the trillion reviews and think pieces I've consumed over the past 72 hours. LET'S DISCUSS. 

I have not yet seen Magic Mike XXL (failing, I know) but Roxanne Gay's recap is everything. 


The end. Have a beautiful Tuesday, my friends!

xoxo Liz Hott