Another Awkward Week [9.4.15]

Hi chickens, happy Friday! And Happy LONG WEEKEND if you're an American, woot! And Happy BeythDay to everyone across the world because if there's one thing that is truly worth an international holiday, it's the birth of this goddess:

beyonce birthday beydey


Any fun end of summer plans? I'm heading down to PA to see some cute friends get married and hang out with family. I'm excited to see my momma! 

Ok I kind of dropped the ball yet again on documenting anything interesting this week, but I DO want to talk about this hair tie: 

hair tye

Ponytail holder? What do you call these things? Do you think it's a regional dialect thing? (PS Have you taken this test? It's AMAZING DO IT!!!! #hoagies) Anyway, doesn't matter. As you can see I've taken a photograph of a hair styling implement laying on the bathroom floor where it then stayed for three full days. 

This often happens in our household and I'm putting it out there to see if we're alone. Quite often there will be a small item on the floor, usually a coin or a bobby pin or a fallen flower petal or something like that, and we'll just leave it on the floor. For a LONG time. And we both notice it, for sure, but it's just so small we just like, don't to anything about it. Until eventually someone gives in and picks it up. 

Tell me you do this.

I do it allllllllllllllllllllllll the time. Again, I'm talking little things. A spare nickel. A piece of grass carried in on a shoe. Nothing big enough to be obtrusive or truly sloppy, something just small enough to be noticeable and slightly irritating but not irritating enough to expend the effort to bend down and pick it up.  I'll see the item laying on the ground and wander past three, five, seventy-one times thinking "huh, I should pick that up, I wonder when I'll pick that up?" and then after a while it almost becomes like a game or a test. And not a passive aggressive wifey test for Brian to see if he'll pick it up but just a test of like, humanity for both of us or anyone who enters our home to see how long we can withstand this item on the floor and who will finally pick it up.

I admit that this is deeply lazy but I am also willing to bet that it is totally common. Like I bet if you looked on your floor RIGHT now there is at least one random dime that's been laying near the baseboards for a full week or so and every time you see it you're like "oh yeah, that dime" but you're not going to go pick it up because ain't nobody got time for that. 

Just this morning I noticed a dime laying in one corner of our bedroom and a quarter under the bed. Are they both still there?

You betcha. 

Anyway, I took this photo on Sunday and then three full days later I was sitting on the couch and felt like pulling my hair up and knew I had seen a hair tie laying around somewherrrre and AHA there it was, on the bathroom floor where I left it all along. 

Almost like I planned it, no? And someday soon I'll need to do laundry and need just one more quarter and there it will be, under my bed. YES I could have picked up the hair tie and then it would have been in my dresser where it belonged when I needed it and I could have put the quarter with the pile of other quarters we have saved up for laundry day but where would be the fun in any of that?

Nowhere. That's where the fun would be.

Unlike my quarters...which are all over my floor.

So tell me: you totally do this too, right?? 


Ok as riveting as THIS conversation is, I gotsta bounce and get some work done so I can catch my train down to farmland. Have a #blessed weekend, my loves! 

xx Liz Hott