Another Awkward Week [8.28.15]

Hi! How are you this fine Friday?! I'm typing this ON MY COUCH, bah-boom. Our company is in the midst of an internal move - basically they're taking however many hudred (thousands? millions? I'm so bad at guesing quantities, like, anything between 20 and 75 billion is the same to me) of employees work in our building and shifting them all around so as a result, we're all working from home yesterday & today (LOL "working"). Woot. When we return Monday morning, everyone will be in a new spot. It's kind of exciting! I mean, I still have no windows and look out onto a hallway BUT I do believe this new office of mine is like .074 square feet larger than the old one and I've determined this time I'm finally going to get serious about organization and decor.

I even got rid of my 2012 wall calendar, the centerpiece of my design asthetic which I left hanging on my wall for 2.75 years too long. 

Just call me Grace Adler! (Remember? From Will & Grace? Because she was an interior designer?? No? Ok moving on.) 

Anyway, as a result of this funness, most of my goof-off time which I'd usually spend attempting to blawg was instead channeled into frantically purging and packing and cleaning my old office which, as I'm sure you can guess, resulted in a treasure trove of FUN. So you get no exciting updates on my life this week because your girl was busyyyy but do enjoy this stunning portrait:

wiggin' out

Also this one.


OBV I kept all of these items. Files? Garbage. Old books? WHO NEEDS BOOKS??? Wigs? Cherish them forever. 

To help us with this moving process, the company set up a big bin in the lobby for Goodwill / general donations and y'all, my sparklers and halloween costumes and 75 bolts of wrapping paper didn't even come close to the top 10 or even top 80 most interesting items in there. I tried to take a photo but it came out looking like, well a pile of crap, which it was, but just to give you a sense of what we're working with here, envision a retulation life jacket. A life jacket!!!  Like, orange, official, probably taken from a cruise ship or something.

What! Whyyyyy did someone have a life jacket in their office and who are they and can they please become my very best friend forever and ever and ever?? Life Jacket Person: all of me, loves all of you. You're my end and my beginning. Even when I lose...I'm winning.

And that is what's UP. I'll be back next week (SEPTEMBER? What the eff?) with some deep thoughts on marriage (maybe) and full recap of our big trip to DC & Portland so if you like bees, pork, frenzied drives through pine forests, pirates and/or craft beers you're probably not going to want to miss that one. 

Until then, enjoy a few links from 'round the web that I enjoyed between slow bouts of emailing yesterday. "Working" from home is the life, guys. Can I do this every week? 

One Star Yelp reviews of National Parks (this had me legit LOL) 

My two best friends: Gigi Hadid & The Blair Witch!! (See also: SMELLY CAT!

The trick for perfect eyelashes - I have been doing this since 7th Grade when I read in Seventeen Magazine that this is how Jewel (who has a memior coming out this fall!!!!!!!) did her eye makeup and I'm super beautiful so ... hot tip here gals (or guys! I don't judge!) 

Pep Talk Generator

Do you have Ferrante Fever?? I'm SO behind (only read book one so far!) which is about the failingest of fails here in the NYC Literary Community (gag me with a spoon) but this Vanity Fair interview with the superrrrr elusive author is totally inspiring me to get back at it. 

And on the topic of passionate female friendships, @nytonit says female bffs are the new power couples. Like, duh! 

Ok the end! Have a marvelous weekend! If you go boating, don't forget your life jacket - I know where you can find one if you need it!

xoxoxo Liz Hott