The Sauce Just Got Hotter!

Happy Friday, guys!! Notice anything different around here?! That's right...someone got a makeover!

No, not me, I still look like this:

I don't know how to tag photos for SEO!

Usually I do rock some cute lounge wear in the summer months, but it's legit snowing in NYC this week (mild exagg, but it was in the 50's this morning. THE FIFTIES!!!!) so I've had to resort to my wintery mix of patterns and flannels.  


The makeover, of course, is ol' Hott Sauce...aka this blog which I am now referring to as though it is some kind of living human and not just a weird collection of TMI I insist on typing into the internet. 

My wizard friend Jamie, who you may recall also designed our wedding invitations and keeps me supplied with fancy peanut butter, used her tech genius skills to make HottSauce look like a real, grown-up blog: cuter, crisper and more fun. And hopefully a little easier to navigate, too! 

I won't force you through a full tour, I'm assuming you know how to use the internet, but a few highlights:

Number one: if it's peachy pink, it's a link. Click away!

Number two: To the top, below that adorable header, you'll find easily archived lists of all of my book recommendations (something I plan to do a ton more of in the future, apparently I am just a font of literary wisdom), the archives of One Awkward Year, in case you want to relive the last 5 years of my weird life, plus a page of ever more biographical information than anyone could care to know.

Number three: Would you like to have new Hott Sauce posts delivered RIGHT to your inbox? I bet you would!!! Just enter your email address and click the "get saucy" button in the black box to your right. I guaranTEE you will not be disappointed. Or you will and that will be sad. But you might as well subscribe to find out, yeah?

Number four: Another fun activity is clicking one of the cute lil linky boxes also over on your right, and checking out some social media activity. "Liking" the HottSauce facebook page is the quickest and easiest way to get UP TO THE MOMENT live updates from me (exciting!!!!) and instagram is a fun place to see artfully staged portraits of my dinners. 

Andddd number five: While over there on the right, you can also search for posts by topic or by month. The world is your oyster, guys!! 

I make a lot of fun of myself because I have confidence issues or something but I'm trying to put a stop to that. I am VERY proud of how nice this looks and am so grateful to Jamie for her amazing work. I hope you like it, too! And while Jamie was making HottSauce cuter, I've been working to make it smarter too, writing away like a young Mark Twain, on the kinds of stories I am excited to tell. More books, more food, more marriage stuff and, of course, the final culmination of our seemingly endless honeymoon recap. Stay tuned for 'dat fun stuff to kick off next week! 

I'm hope you love HottSauce as much as I do, I'm really glad you're here! 

xoxo Liz Hott