We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this breaking public service announcement: In Season Two, Episode One of the prestige HBO drama True Detective, there is an eight second close-up of Tim Riggins' bare, beautiful behind.




This man.

taylor kitsch butts naked hot


hot hot hot

But minus those pesky jeans. 

Ladies, gays and enlightened straight men who can appreciate the wonder of the human form without getting all "no homo," you're going to want to get yourselves an HBO Go password on the double and fast-forward right to the 42:19 mark...though there's some solid shirtless Riggins in the minutes preceding, so for a real good time, go ahead and start tuning in around 41:30.

Trust me when I say, it's everything you've dreamed of. And maybe even more.

And yes I KNOW Tim Riggins isn't his real name, that's a fictional character he played on a tv show like 7 years ago but just let a girl live, OK. 

(You can also view some stills here, if you're a creep like that.) (By "that" I cuh-learly mean "me.") (NSFW obv obv obv.) 

OK PSA over. Carry on with your lives again. If you haven't died of sheer lust, that is.