Living and Learning and Awkwardly Smooching

Oh hey! What's been going on? Facebook just reminded me I haven't blogged in a full week. Wah-hoops. Such a nag, that Zuckerberg. 

blah blah

I've been running around even madder than usual this past, like, fortnightish, as I have an author in town so I've been extra busy at work, bopping all up and down and around going to interviews and events and things. It's hectic but actually really fun and way better than sitting at a desk all day. The author is super cool too - he's Israeli and funny and brilliant. Check him on Fresh Air here! And check this hideous picture of me listening in on his interview. 



(I feel like this photo really emphasizes my crooked chin. Have I ever mentioned my crooked chin here?! Look at that slope!)

Anywaaay, everything's been going great great GREAT with his book and his publicity visit and such except for one thing: the kissing. 

Not as scandalous as it sounds, I swear!!! 

As I said, dude is Israeli and I guess in Tel Aviv they greet one another with the cosmopolitan one cheek kiss. I met him for breakfast at 8:30 AM on a Monday before his first media day. He was sitting at the table already when I got there and as I came over he stood up and like, swooped in for the hello and I didn't know what was happening so I went in for a hug and he tried to do a cheek kiss but then HE got confused and we both kind of just like, sort of hugged, cheek to cheek, for what felt like a year but couldn't have been that long.

Could it have?


So then a few nights later I went to an event with him in Brooklyn and after it wrapped I was putting him in a cab and it turns out cheek kissing is a goodbye thing too, so he leaned in and this time I was totally prepared except I tried too hard to act natural and made a really loud "mwah" noise like I was some kind of, I don't know, sassy Long Island housewife or something.

Tooooootally natural.

Of course on top of this crazy work week I've had all sorts of general, you know, grown up shit to deal with (I will never cease complaining about how exhausting it is to be a functioning human adult person) and could not manage to squeeze writing into the mix. I was feeling terribly guilty and garbagy (it's a word) about this, you know I do passionate self-criticism better than anybody, when I found myself at this aforementioned "mwah" inducing work event in Brooklyn and this author inspired an epiphany, guys. AN EPIPHANY! 

During the audience Q&A, someone asked him about his  writing schedule, or lack thereof. He said, and I paraphrase, "when you have an urge to write you must write...unless your life gets in the way. In which case you always pick your life first. If you're not living, you'll have nothing to write about."

So simple. So brilliant. Isn't it neat how sometimes you hear just what you didn't know you needed to hear?

I think this applies even if you're not into writing. Just sub in whatever it is you think you should be doing or feeling guilty over not achieving and acknowledge it and then, if you need to, set it aside and live your life. It'll get done. 

So that's what I've been up to. Less stressing, more living. 

Well, that and awkwardly kissing professional colleagues. 

And what have YOU been up to?


Liz Hott