Another Awkward Week [6.12.15]

Helloooo! Last night I had this strange dream. Everything was exactly how it seemed. There was never any mystery of who shot John F Kennedy. 

Ok no, that was not my dream that's just me showing off my mad skillz at reciting Postal Service lyrics from memory. A young Zach Braff over here.


I DID have a weird dream last night, I was going to Lena Dunham's wedding in Greece, as you do, and I went into use the ladies' room and it turned out that it was one of those tiny bathrooms where the shower and toilet were in the same zone and somehow while I was peeing, the shower turned on and I got drenched and had to go back to the wedding like that and was like "THIS is going on the blog!" and then woke up and realized I'd dreamed the whole thing.

Does anyone know how to interpret dream symbolism - that I'm now dreaming in awkward moments? 

I probably just dreamed up a funny story, because in reality I was #winning when it came to life/normal behavior this week. Like, crushing it. For example: guess who has two thumbs, a patient husband willing to put up with her photography demands and wore white jeans for a WHOLE DAY without spilling one single thang on them?


Oh yeah, this moi.

And that was pretty much the highlight of my week. Excitement abounds! In lieu of my own scintillating content, I'll leave you with a few links from around the web to fill the rest of your Friday. Happy weekend, chickies! 

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The Backstory on the iconic Brandi Chastain Sports Illustrated cover (who else is pumped for the World Cup?!) 

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This is just my favorite food blogger, I think she's the funniest and best! 

In case you've not yet read Sheryl Sandberg's essay on grief, it's so lovely and heartbreaking 

Ok THE END goodbye. Have a fabulous weekend!! Any big plans? I'm hanging out with my mom, YAY!!!!

xoxo Liz Hott