Another Awkward Week [5.15.15]

Happy Friday, I just thought I'd say hi! I'm having such a hard time getting into the rhythm of this whole blogging thing - also spelling the word "rhythm," so many y's & h's...r-h-y-t-h-y-m...I bet you'd get like a zillion scrabble points for that shit. 

Anywaaay, how was your week? Any big weekend plans? No one ever answers these question but I always ask, I like to maintain that this is some kind of two way conversation not just me talking about myself to myself. 

If someone actually answers, in the comments or on facebook, I'll send you a prize! For real. 

Here it's fun, I'll go first: my week was fine! I went to a mid-week wedding (more on that later!), hung out with some lady friends, ate almost an entire jar of Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams STRAIGHT out of the jar, with a spoon and watched with baited breath as Taylor Swift rolled out the increasingly stacked (and insane) cast of her new music video. Premiering on SUNDAY!!! It's the video for Bad Blood (my second least favorite song on 1989) (after Welcome to New York, of course) and is some kind of like, ninja movie and a million and a half celebrities are in it, ranging from Karlie Kloss to Lena Dunahm to that Wiz Khalifa guy to Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Grey and Mariska Hargitay aka Olivia Benson...TV characters who are also the names of Taylor Swift's cats.

It's just TOO MUCH for me to handle, guys. I can't. I can not. Someone help me. 

come ON Taylor!

No, Taylor. NO. You know I love you to an irrational level, despite your obvious personality flaws but you're pushing your luck here, girl.

Pushing. Your. Luck. 

In non-Swifty news, tomorrow I'm running in the Brooklyn Half Marathon! And Brian is running too! It's my second half and his first. We won't be running together, technically, as he's just ever so slightly a million times faster than me. But it's still fun to be sharing this with each other. 

Maybe call us the Trottin' Scotts?

Please don't. 

I've been having a hard time getting as excited this year! I'm all stressy stressing about weather, keep beating myself up over bad workouts and and am putting a lot of pressure on myself to not "fail" aka run slower than last year. I know it doesn't matter. I know I'm actually really fast and should be really proud of that and that, in the big picture...even the small does not mater how fast or slow I run. I know all of these things!!! The only person I'm racing against is myself, I should start being kinder to the competition and yet, here we are.  Early on in my training process I realized I wouldn't have enough time to devote to running as I did before my first race and told my mom I would be "totally OK" with running way slower than I did on my first go-round. 

She looked me dead in the eye and replied "no you won't."

She knows me far too well! From that day forward I set out with the goal of tryiiiing to chill and give myself a break and at times I did manage to relax a little but other (most) times I was still pretty hard on myself. Whatever, I'm trying! I am, I am, I AM! 

All week I was a hot mess of emotion and has predicted rain allllllllllllllll day long. No matter how many times the forecasts have changed up for every other day of the week, Saturday has remained one giant rain cloud.


Then last night I went to pick up my badge at a park down underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a gorgeous evening - green grass, blue skies, the sun burnt gold lowering down behind downtown Manhattan. Suddenly I remembered something: I am in charge of my own brain! I can NOT change the weather and I can NOT guarantee this will be my best race ever but I can decide how I'm going to face each day and a bad attitude only makes these things beyond my control so much worse. 

So I'm choosing to leave the bad 'tude in the past. I'm a beacon of positive energy today, guys! So look out, Brooklyn, I'm coming for you - rain or shine...but hopefully shine, let's be real here. 

Wish me luck? And good luck to everyone else I know running this weekend - in the BK half or elsewhere! Or just doing anything. Good luck to everyone doing anything at all this weekend!! I love you.

 (But extra luck to me, because I'm kind of selfish and to everyone involved in the creation of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video because I think they might need it.)

xoxox Liz Ho