Another Awkward Week [3.13.15]

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!! What a glorious day it is, too! The sun is shining. I'm pulling off day two hair which never happens. Last night I got to see Toni Morrison speak (!) and tomorrow I'm checking out for two weeks on vacation!

Life is grand.

Although, I did just realize it's Friday the 13th so who knows, guys. It could turn around any second. So why don't we just make it quick, then, before Freddy Kruger or Jason or whoever comes and gets us and take a look at what was keeping it awkward this week.

This Beverage:

iced coffee

First iced coffee of the season! Which, of course, means first iced coffee of the season spilled all over my office. 

iced coffee fail

Will I ever learn? Hopes are low. 

This Display:

tesla fail

Yesterday I went to meet this fancy magazine editor lady for lunch at the Shops at Columbus Circle which is sort of like a mall / classy restaurant area near Central Park. I was running a little late and all out of sorts and was looking at my phone while walking (NEVER a good idea) and didn't see that the floor ahead of me was not actually flat floor but this slightly raised platform with an electric car on it and I missed the step up and instead tripped and fell and reallyyyyyy wished I could leap right into the electric car and drive away. Whomp.

Ugh. So then I had lunch with this girl and she was so nice and friendly but also so pretty and well put together and I could tell she came from money and went to boarding school and wore nice jewelry and whenever I'm around people like that I get all weird and insecure and very, well...this:

help me I'm poor

The weather all week  has been gorgeous, yes, but hard to dress for - is it warm? what does "43 and cloudy" feel like? - so I ended up wearing this old, ratty mid-weight winter coat with my "office sweater" -aka the disgusting black sweater that I keep at my office and never wash ever - underneath and she, of course was wearing this stunning trench and looking amazing.

When I took my coat off before lunch I guess I took the coat and sweater off at once so the sweater was stuck inside the coat. But then when I put it back on I just put my arms into the coat so then the  sweater was all bunched up inside the back of my coat and as I walked away from lunch it slowly slid down and out the bottom of my jacket like I was birthing (or worse, pooping!) (Jk there is no worse, they're both terrible) a sweater.

It was not cute. 

This Email:

Switching from Wordpress to Squarespace has been more complicated than I anticipated and it has me feeling really frustrated and dumb but ALSO if you put a positive spin on that, it is providing me with an opportunity to learn about technology and to be kinder to myself when I don't know how to do something. 


Anyhoodle, the path to self actualization and internet mastery has been fraught with errors! Fraught, I say. Fraught!!! After literally dozens of attempts to figure out how to work the email subscription link, I finally thought I had it. So I set up a test post and smugly moved on with my day. But instead of subscribers receiving my latest post, I somehow sent them (all like 16 of them BUT STILL, I do have pride), an email that had the instructions for how to send emails and at the bottom of the message was my home address. COOL cool cool. 

So if you recieved that I DO hope you figured out it was an error and deleted it. Also please don't come to my house and murder me. I'd really hate for that to happen.

But this story has a happy - and self promotional - ending! I FIGURED IT OUT!!! So if you would like to be among the lucky winners to have HottSauce dumped all over your inbox (aka new posts sent directly to you), you can sign up in the box to your left.

Or right? I'm still not that smart but I'm betting YOU are so you'll figure it out.

Ok that's that for the week, pals. Gotta make it snappy I have SO MUCH TO DO before I leave for Vietnam tomorrow! Have I mentioned we're going to Vietnam? Oh, only 700 times and you're all sick of it. Great!

Have a most spectacular weekend, lovebugs! 

xoxoxo Liz Ho